Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blog promotion

You know guys that I'm always fond of promoting blogs to support our other fellow bloggers to expand their followers. I've got two blogs to promote to you:

Visit my former schoolmate and a good writer, Abbey's blog. She used to rant here in blogger but decided to move to tumblr (well, I'm also planning to move there, too but heck, I'm still undecided): BIA FOR SHORT. Please do support this blog, guys!

And of course, my friends' blog (I do write there sometimes): THE SEVEN STARS BLOG.

Support the Filipino youth blog! Hehe. :D


Abbey Giongco said...

Thank you for the promotion, Ate Chase! ♥

I already 'followed' you on Tumblr and will be waiting for your next post. :)

Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

you're so very much welcome, abbey. :D

Rob Jeremiah said...

Hi chase. lipat ka na rin?

Hari ng sablay said...

sure walang problema. vinisit ko na agad si abbey,hehe

Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

Rob, I'm still thinking about it.

Uy hari ng sablay, nu na balita? Ngayon ka lang sumulpot dito. :( Katampo. Haha. Lols.

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