Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dogs! :)

Hi Guys! I just want to share you this cutest picture in the world that I've found in the Philippine Pet Finder website. If you're looking for a pet, then that is the website you should go to! Any pet is available there from dogs to cats to iguanas! As a self-confessed dog lover, I can't help looking for a new dog to take care of and I really, really wanna buy this Chao-Chao puppies! Yes! 6 Chao-Chao Puppies for 20Php-25Php! Too bad, it's too expensive! If only I have the money, I would not have the second thoughts to buy it. They're adorable, right? But I'll gladly introduce to you my two adorable dogs namely: Potter and Dixie. I used to have a dog named Sam, but she died of pregnancy many months ago and that, for me, is so sad. Anyway, I hope Potter will get Dixie pregnant. I'm still wondering what breed of dog Potter is, 'cause he doesn't look like your typical askal. I know Dixie's roots, by the way. Her father is pure-bred dalmatian while her mom's askal. So that makes her a mongrel - that's what you call half-breed dogs. I'll share you a pic of my two dogs but for now, I have to post a pic of Dixie 'cause I have a hard time capturing Potter. Malikot siya, as in.

Dixie - my not-so-cute dog! Mukhang askal 'yan kase ang nanay
niyan askal. Ang dumi nga eh, hindi ko napapaliguan.
Pero she's intelligent. Siya lang yung kauna-unahang puppy
namin na nakaakyat ng hagdanan namin all by herself!
How cool is that? I was thinking if she got a Jack Rusell
blood in her, too - 'cause as far as I know, Jack Rusell
Terriers are one of the most intelligent breed of dogs in the world!
Hmmm... Pwede. Kaya nga proud ako sa kanya, kahit hindi
siya maganda, matalino naman siya. Balak ko nga isali siya sa dog
shows. :)

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