Thursday, May 7, 2009

My precious moments at SDCAS

Shara, Me and Kenneth.

Our NSTP Class. :)

Naaalala ko, may hang-over ako niyan.
Sa labas ng 7/Eleven Binakayan, Cavite
at 3 am in the morning. After ng swimming yan.

Okay, Mike's doing that pose again.

Me and Chester noong nag-swimming kami sa

Me, Fridz (playing the guitar) and Dindin.
Yes, we're singing onstage on the
Dominicans got talent show last December.
We sang 'My Immortal' Acoustic Version.

Our NSTP Class at Longos, Bacoor. Kenneth, Me and Vyron.
Ayaw pa magpakuha. Maarte kasi si Vyron.

Our Karakol Festival. I'm the leader
so that's why I'm wearing that
silly thing on my head. Darn.

Generoso! :)

My favorite pic!
From left to right: Johanne, Shara, Marlon,
Neren, Kenneth, Me and Dindin.

Doing this goofy pose with Shara, Kenneth and Dindin.
That's outside Neren's boarding house.

Our NSTP Class. Ewan ko, biglang napasinget
si Glenn eh wala naman siyang NSTP niyan.

Me, Micah and Shara while waiting for our
pizza sa Green Cab.

Me, Shara and Abie on the 7th Floor
after our English class.

My forever gross but cool guy friends: Mike,
Vyron, Glenn and Davin. :)

My first bunch of tropa from SDCAS: Micah,
Shara, Imelda and Davin.

Haha! Me and Abie. Hindi talaga mawawala ang
inuman sa amin. Ewan ko ba.

I remember that's our English class when
I took this picture. On the picture with me are:
Strawberry, Analita and Camille.

Our P.E Class. The BSIT 1-A students.

On the first row: Davin.
On the second row from left to right: Blanca, Dindin,
Glenn and Me.
On the third row from left to right: Micah, Emily and Kenneth.

Yan ang Group nila Shara and Dindin.
That's our CPU Troubleshooting exam.

Si Abie holding our F*cked up MIS Thesis.

That's 4 am in the morning. Tulog na sina
Mike, Raymart at Kenneth.

Vyron naglalagay na ng red horse sa pitcher.

Goof! Goof! Goof. Haha. That's one of our
inuman sessions pics.

Eating lunch sa classroom.

Mike and Me. Lumabas lang kami
ng classroom niyan kasi bored na kami with
our Algebra class.

I took this picture noong pababa kami ng bangin.
That's Fridz, Kenneth, Ronald and Emily down there.

The FACK Society: Fuki, Amag, Cheesesticks, Karot.
They're my SDCAS Friends.

Before going to Tau Gamma Phi SDCAS Chapter's
Anniversary. Eto yung tambayan namin, yung bilyaran.
Extra pa yung mga Triskelion na guys sa likod
From left to right: Lorraine, Me, Paula, Rose and Rachelle.
On the background: Vic, Wong, Maeng and Micz.

My Band! Ampersand! :)

Me with my friends hanging out at Neren's boarding house.

Me and Neren bathing in the rain. It was so much fun!

On the first row: Neren and Camille.
On the second row: Emily, Me and Abie.
It was Neren's birthday when we took that
picture. I think it was last March 19.
Nag-overnight swimming kami noon sa Cherry's.

From left to right: Camille, Abie and Me
before our PE Class.

Ronald and Me, bathing at the river.
That's after breakfast. We decided to do
something fun to de-stress.

Me and Fridz (He's pretending that he's sleeping
for the sake of this picture). It was taken noong
nag-overnight kami kayna Emily at Molino, Cavite.

On the first row from left to right:
Shara, Camille and Me.
On the second row from left to right:
Neren, Emily, Dindin, Julie and Blanca.

Me fooling around sa class.

From left to right: Emily, Shara, Kenneth, Me and
Erwin. Uso ang shades nung last day ng Pre-Finals.

From left to right: Kenneth, Neren, Johanne and
Me. Sa aming overnight inuman sessions.

Micah and Me with Imelda's hands.
We're forming a heart.

Our Retreat in Oasis of Prayer, Silang, Cavite
with some of my BSIT 1-A Classmates.

Me and Vyron with our plastic Shrek, our robot project
in ITC 2 (Computer Application).

Ronald, Me and Emily at the bus. On the way
papunta sa bahay namin.

Waiting for a tricycle at Manggahan, Binakayan, Cavite.
I'm with Abie at that time. 3 am in the morning na yan.

Shara, Neren and Me at Neren's Boarding House


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hahahahahaha musta na? tagal mo yatang nawala ahhhh.... bakit may bagong blog ka na? asan yung luma sis.. umiinom ka pala.... tsk tsk tsk.... pero ayus lang... kasi kapag naging totoong kuya mo ako.... di ako papayag... hahahaha strict ang kuya saul mo eh.... amiss xou... ingats

Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

oo talagang may bagong blog ako. hehehe. im ok naman. i was just saddened to hear your condition that you have leukemia. i'm so sorry, but don't worry, i'll pray for you.

joice said...

So much of the drinking and smoking, I suppose. Hehehe. :D

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not really. medyo medyo lang. yung ibang girls yun at boys pero ako? nakikisama lang ako. moderately lang ang drinking. hehehe.

Abbey Giongco said...

I had fun looking at the pictures. :) Lilipat ka po kasi eh no?

Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

Abbey, yes. Sadly, lilipat talaga ako. I have no choice. :(

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