Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh No!

What's done is done. I could not make the clock freeze... nor could I turn back the time to make everything fall right into place. But if I do not possess this kind of great wisdom, let me make things right as soon as there is tomorrow that will come in this world of menaces and darkness. Let me find solace in your arms, so that I could be free of this eternal melancholy. Yes, I am a human and I am aware of my frailty. I believe lies, but somewhere, over the abyss of questions, I still find truth for me to be happy. When will I be happy when all that surrounds me is the ghost of the past, still haunting me even in my deepest dreams?

This is what I'm feeling today. Hayst, sige, pa-emo effect na naman ako. Idaan na lang yan sa poetry. :(. I'm always, always prone on making the wrong decision pero sana I could make everything right. I know I can. I believe in me.


rob said...

All of us, not only you, are prone to make wrong decisions. That makes us humans after all. Well, good luck. I also believe in you. :)

Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

Thanks, rob! Sometimes I do not own this wisdom, which I know, every human possess.

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