Friday, May 1, 2009

Vampire Madness

Twilight Saga Madness is everywhere and we cannot deny it. I'm not personally a fan of Stephenie Meyer's series, but I don't say I don't like it - it's just that I'm not a fan of it. I do appreciate her way of writing and her creative imagination rather than just appreciating it for the sake of its popularity - and a true writer (not that I say that I am a writer) knows it. A writer is not a writer without an inspiration and the Twilight Saga had served as an inspiration to start my own vampire novel but with a different perspective to what Stephenie Meyer's perspective of a vampire is. This unpopular and not exactly your taste novel is entitled: The South Green Island Vampires. I'm not finished of it yet because I am thinking a lot of scenes that would make the story long. It's supposed to be a short story but due to my sense of boredom and I really, really wanna challenge myself to see if I will be able to finish a novel, I decided that I should go for it and never think about of my previous plan. My story still has the Twilight feel on it - but compared to its not so brutal scenes, I decided to make the story as real as it gets and a real vampire story isn't complete without lots of gore and lots of blood to stimulate the mind and the senses. Just wish me luck this time, guys!

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