Monday, May 18, 2009

Goodbye, SDCAS. Hello STI.

As the first day of school come this June approaches, I can't help but feel melancholic, nostalgic and nervous. I'll be leaving my former school, St. Dominic College of Arts and Sciences and will be transferring to STI College - the real home for an IT professional in the making like me. The reason for my departure to SDCAS? It's because of the incompetency of the IT Department. They failed to give us knowledge to further understand and hone our craft in programming and in enhancing our analytical thinking and logic reasoning. The other instructors in the IT Department are unprofessional since they tend to take the student's negative attitude personally. And the consequence for acting like such a jerk to your instructors? Failing grades. That's how immature, unprofessional and incompetent the IT Department is. We need comprehensive and intensive learning, not behavioral learning. Of course, as an IT professional in the making, we need to straighten our behavior, too but that's for us to learn all by ourselves and we don't need a book nor do we need an instructor for the betterment of our etiquette when we enter the corporate world four years after the painstaking process for us to be on top of the ladder. So enough of the negative remarks about the IT Department of my former school. I wanted to share to you my most cherished moments through my one school year of staying at SDCAS.

Okay, let me tell you the story behind why I chose to study to SDCAS instead of enroling at STI. This is the most pathetic and lamest excuse I can come up with - for me to be with my ex-boyfriend. I never really plan on taking up IT because I'm no computer genius like my other classmates. I suck at Math which means, I'm no good in programming. Programming sure needs a lot of Math. The course that I really want to take up is Mass Communication because I want to see myself on the TV clad with a serious face in a calm but reasonable tone and delivering some lines in front of thousands and thousands of people watching the news. I wanted to be the next Korina Sanchez - but my dreams are falling apart right on my feet because of the crazy little thing called love. I was so stupid of giving up my own dream just to be with my ex-boyfriend and look at me now - I'm alone and I'm single and I'm regretting it. But it's okay, I am now taking the IT world seriously and I wanted to enhance my skills much as I would like to be successful in the field that I've chosen.

So what are my most precious moments of staying at SDCAS? First, meeting my coolest, craziest and loudest friends. At SDCAS, I've been friends with almost all of my classmates, which means I don't have even a single enemy on my section which makes my stay at SDCAS more meaningful. But since I'm one-of-the-boys kind of girl, I'm closest with the guys. I get along with them pretty well because they perfectly understand my boyish personality, my fondness of eating street foods and my bizarre habits. I usually do trash-talking with them and I'm more comfortable talking that way. Aside from that, our late-in-the-night talking, inuman and laughing out loud sessions. We like talking about anything under the sun up to the latest gadgets, my latest crush and the latest happenings on campus. We're fond of doing sleepovers on each other's houses. They've slept in my house way too many times already and after a crazy night, my house looks like it had been hit by a tornado. I swear, they're gross and messy but that's the way I like them. They've also been there beside me through thick and thin. They always, always support me in my dreams and they never fail to cheer me up when I'm suffering on a bad hair day. And I'm gonna miss my band, Ampersand! Composed of Me doing vocals, Glenn for drums, Kenneth for bass and Fridz for lead and rhythm guitars. We do covers of Paramore's songs. And I'll never forget the day that Fridz taught me how to play Paramore's songs. It's been three years since I last hold of of a guitar and the strings feels rough and painful to me but I don't mind. Haha! And I'll also never forget the day that I sang "My Immortal" acoustic version on stage in front of the other college students of SDCAS! I know as a vocalist of a band, I should have to gain enough confidence so that I'll be able to perform on some of the gigs really well. But unfortunately, the band disbanded and I'm planning to form a new one at my new school. Ah well, I guess that's life. And what's more? My SDCAS friends taught me how to bathe in the rain like you just don't care! Okay so you can get sick and everything, but I don't really mind. Life's too short to waste and according to my own life's dogma, 'Experience the experience and you're not getting any younger for you to take a slice of adventure'. Maybe if I would have to enumerate the things why it's seems so hard to forget SDCAS, I am pretty sure that I'll end up reciting my story 'til tomorrow.

So there I am come this June... facing a new life. I'll be meeting new friends, new crushes, new instructors and will be loading up on new subjects. Now wish me luck guys! I'm still nervous. :(


eMPi said...

You can do it!

enjoy mo lang ang programming... hehehe!

Pamelaa said...

aw. bakit ayaw mo sa AMA univ? baka mas maganda IT dun. hehe.

Pamelaa said...
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Sarah Strange said...

Good luck with school. :) progamming is hard but i'm sure ull get thru it!

i went to an it school in the phils, APC naman sa magallanes. they had no multimedia arts back then so no choice but programming din ang nakuha ko. hay.

saul krisna said...

wowowowow galing naman ng kapatid ko ah... taba siguro ng utak mo... daming protina. hahahaha ako gusto ko ulit mag aral... multimedia gusto ko.... or masscom... or kusinero este culinary pala... ingats ka palagi...

pau : ) said...

mgaling k nmn s progrming ah..
nainspire 2ly ako s pinost mo.. gus2 ko dn gwan ung nging buhy ko s buraot n sdcas n yan..heheheh kita kits s pasukan ah.. d p ngbbgy ng sched e.. tgal.. bd3p..

Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

Marco Polo, thanks. Sana maienjoy ko ang Programming.

Pam, hi! Ayan nagbalik ka na. AMA? Naku, nasa makati pa. Ayoko magbiyahe. Haha. Tamad kasi ako.

Hi Ms. Sarah, naku! Nkakaloka talaga ang programming! Logic daw chorva chorva.

Kuya Saul, you can do it! Masscom na lang kunin mo para malupet. Hehe.

Bianxx, naku mas magaling ka sa programming. Di'ba nga napupuri ka ni Ma'am sulapas? Hehe. Pero promise, mahirap talaga.

bluedreamer27 said...

hi just dropping by hre
again chase
hmmm IT pala course mo hehe madugo!!!
have a great day and happy blogging

Arli said...

Good luck ate! You can do it. Haha
Mahirap nga lang mag-adapt sa new school, new people. Haha galingan nyo!

Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

Bluedreamer27, yap i am currently taking up IT. masyado nga talaga madugo ito.

Arli, hi! Thanks! Sana nga makaya ko pa 'to. Masscom kasi talaga gusto ko. Haay. Nevermind. Nandito na ako eh.

anney said...

Good luck sa iyo at sa pinili mong course, though hindi talaga yan ang gusto mo, alam ko kaya mo maging successful basta may perseverance ka. God bless!

Hari ng sablay said...

goodluck sayong career. galingan mo para pag naisipan mong kumandidato ng senator iboboto kita. :)

Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

Hi Ms. Anney, salamat po! :D

Hari ng sablay, wala ako balak pumadyak. Haha. Gusto ko motor kesa pedicab. Ay presidente pala yun :)

bluedreamer27 said...

just dropping by here
have a great day and happy blogging

0 said...

I know you could do anything Chazzel. Batang esmeri ka ata! Just study hard and I'm sure success would be yours. :)

Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

Bluedreamer27, thanks for dropping by! :D

Rob, talaga! Basta galing esmeri, laging on top. Hehe.

Unknown said...


super galing naman..

aja sa studies!


bluedreamer27 said...

hello chaze
just dropping by here
have a great day and happy blogging to you my friend
gud luck sa course mo

Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

Vanvan, thanks sa pagdaan. :)

Bluedreamer27, salamat. :D

Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

Biancs, nakuha ko na nga pala sched ko. May hanggang 8pm ako... tuwing tuesdays. Grabe!

Anonymous said...


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