Friday, May 8, 2009

Hi! I'm Chazzel.

Hello there fellow blogger/s! I really, really want to introduce myself to you guys and since I can be open with just about anything and everything, I also want to be open about my life so that you'll get to know more about me (Who cares?! Haha).

First of all, my full name is Chazzel Rojo Soriano. I was born on April 28, 1992 in Cavite City. My parents are Corazon Rojo Soriano and Rolando Convento Soriano. I am currently residing in Kawit, Cavite - which served as my hometown for the past seventeen years of my existence. I got two older siblings namely Kristofferson Soriano and Corrine Soriano. My kuya is 28 and my ate is 25 and I'm 17. Yeah, the gap's long, alright. My zodiac sign is Taurus.

I learned to read at 3 but I still have no idea what age did I learn to speak. I went to school at 4 in Emilio Aguinaldo Elementary School. It's just a few blocks away from our house. When I was 5, my mom transferred me to St. Mary Magdalene School and I stayed there 'til my last year of high-school. I am currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) at St. Dominic College of Arts and Sciences but will transfer to STI Bacoor. Haha, I still can't believe that I'm now an irregular student. But it's okay. At least I'm not an irregular student because of my failing grades, right?

My favorite colors are Red, Pink, Green, White and Black. I listen to Rock Music - any genre even Death Metal! :). I am a cam-wh*re and yes, I like taking pictures of myself and I admit it, thank you. I also adore photography. Well, on my wishlist would include that spankin' new high definition Sony DSL-R camera. I really don't know how to use that Adobe Photoshop - but as an IT student, I'm working on it. I hate programming, though but THANK GOD I GET GOOD GRADES BECAUSE I WANT TO LEARN. I hate it when the professors are absent. You see, you pay thousands of pesos for such a piece of crap and your wasted effort? Nah-ah! I really have this passion to learn. I WANT TO LEARN SO MUCH BECAUSE I BELIEVE THAT KNOWLEDGE IS THE STRONGEST WEAPON YOU COULD EVER HAVE TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN YOUR LIFE.

I like reading encyclopedias and books. Novels had served as my inspiration to improve my writing. Yes, believe it or not, I'm a writer or should I say, I'm a so-called writer? Haha. Nevermind. I joined the Magdalenean (our school paper) and fortunately, I've been appointed as the Features Editor and that is the greatest accomplishment in my life! I joined competitions in and out of Cavite. I became the first placer (oh no, I'm not bragging about that) on Feature Writing in English on the Division Schools Press Conference Training in Perpetual Molino, Cavite and again - oh I hate this - the first placer in the Divison Schools Press Conference (that's the real deal!) in Imus Pilot Elementary School, Imus Cavite. I then competed in the Regional Schools Press Conference under the same category in Calamba, Laguna but unfortunately, I LOST! But that's okay. It's not everyday that you win the battle. Sometimes, you have to experience lost so that you'll improve next time and that is for your own good sake, right?.

I am the vocalist of the band Ampersand but we disbanded due to my transferring to another school mantra but I plan to form another band in my school if luck would permit me to do so. I play the guitar but I swear, I'm not that good. I can also pluck the bass guitar but let's forget about it. I'm not getting any better. Haha.

I am a self-confessed kikay but not that much. I like make-up but I don't like to wear super duper girly clothes. You can usually spot me in a t-shirt and jeans. It's better to be simple than to be fashionable - and it's only my opinion so to fashionistas out there, please forgive me for saying that, oh I beg you! What's more? I adore Bob Ong. I'm sure all of you guys out there adore him, too. Haha. Admit it!.

I like to eat, that's why I'm getting fat. But I don't mind. It's better to look like a pig than to look like a living dead. I don't want to look anorexic, of course. But forgive me again patriotic people - I don't usually eat Filipino dishes. I don't know. Maybe, I'm not fond of soups and veggies. But I eat salad, though. Pig-out, pig-out that's what I always do when I'm bored. But I thank my metabolism this summer vacation for it doesn't yearn too much on food. Haha. I've lost 5 pounds and I never plan on losing more calories, thank you very much.

I am an old soul. I like anything vintage. Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Manilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson - and you name the godly music legends! Oh well, I ADORE MANNY PACQUIAO! I think he's the best boxer in the whole wide universe! Be proud guys that we're Filipino! :).

I have to admit that I can sometimes be a bad girl. Sure, I drink but not that much. I know the word DRINK MODERATELY. I love my liver, thank you. :). I'm still God-fearing, responsible and I love my studies and I wouldn't exchange my dignity for anything that can fulfill a human's materialistic desires. So I guess, that's too much. :). Now you know something about me. :DD


arli said...

You have a very interesting personality. Haha Features Writer ka pala.That's great! Good luck sa studies nyo!

Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

Wowow, Arli. Thank You Very Much. I'll add you up na in my blog roll huh? :)

Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

Oh, I'm sorry. Na-add na pala kita. Heheh. Brain rumble for a minute. Whew.

2ngaw said...

Hello din po...add na lang kita at salamat sa pagbisita :)

Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

LORD CM, Wala pong anuman ito. Salamat 'din po sa pag-add sa akin.

rob said...

Wow! I thought I have already known you completely. But after reading this, I realized that I was wrong. Haha.

BTW. I'm also an old soul when it comes to music. XD

Vic said...

hi! taga-cavite ka din pala. :)

na-add na kita sa links ko. kindly add me too. thanks! :)

Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

Rob, haha ang sakit naman noon. :( Joke. Anyway, that's a common misconception about me - that I'm a bad girl and all but of course, I'm not.

Vic, hello po. Yes, taga-Cavite din po ako. I've already added you up on my link. :) Thanks anyway.

Abbey Giongco said...

Lumake mata ko sa 5th paragraph. Sympre, parehas tayo ng interests dun! Pero ung mga achievements niyo po, sobra laki na. Unlike mine n sa loob lng ng school. :)

I've always known that you're so good in writing. I even told one of my friends in SMMS na kau idol ko dun! hehe. :D

Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

Abbey, Oh... I'm so touched. :).

Thank you so much. But hey, I'm practicing my Tagalog right now 'cause I wanna do a sort of essay in Tagalog. Ewan ko, minsan comfortable ako in Tagalog but more often than not, I use English as a form of communication here in my blog. But anyways, wish me luck. :)

Alam mo, sa iyong bagong school, I just hope na magkaroon ka din ng chance to show-off your talent because I believe in myself that you're a good writer. Honestly.

Abbey Giongco said...

Thank you ate. :) Flattered ako lalo na galing sa inyo kasi! hehe. :D

keep writing dn ate, I'm sure to read ALL of your entry. :D and follow you as well. :)

Ang buhay ay parang sine said...

Abbey, ako nga ang dapat mas maflatter eh. Thank you sa pagsusubaybay ng mga sinusulat ko. :)

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